Kids Dentist Services

Our main goal is to stop dental problems from happening. We also offer full restorative services like fillings, crowns (caps), cosmetic dentistry (bonding), endodontics (root canals), and minor oral surgery (extractions).

As pediatric dentists, we are trained to look at how the teeth and other oral structures of children grow and change. We can find problems with your bite before they get worse and treat many orthodontic problems early on. In many cases, we can offer complete orthodontic treatment.

We refer to other dental specialists when it makes sense.

Dental Services

Check-ups and Cleanings

Children should get their teeth checked and cleaned regularly.
Check your teeth for holes and decay.

Preventive Sealants

Protect your child’s teeth by putting a hardened shell of sealant over those hard-to-reach spots.

Kid's Sedation Dentist

A way for kids who are scared of the dentist to feel calm and at ease.


At our office, kids get braces.
Check if your child over 7 needs them.

Digital X-Rays/ Low Radiation

Ultra low radiation digital x-rays for kids that are safe for children.

Pediatric Emergency Dental Care

Get in touch with our emergency pediatric dentist who is available 24/7.